Skilled Workforce Attraction Initiative Underway

The County is excited to announce the first component of the Community Development Department’s new Workforce Attraction initiative: a partnership with Magnet, an online tool founded by Ryerson University to address unemployment, underemployment and labour market shortages in Canada. By becoming an exclusive partner, The County is tapping into a vast database of skilled labour that will enable our burgeoning employers to find the talented candidates they need to expand. Magnet’s network currently includes over 80,000 job seekers, 31 universities & colleges, 7,000 employers and 170 community partners. Through this portal, employers and local job seekers have access to the service’s full benefits, both within the region and across the entire network.
Earlier this spring, The County’s Community Development Department initiated a Business Retention and Expansion Program (BR+E) which involved conducting confidential interviews with businesses in the manufacturing, and construction sectors to gather insight into the challenges they face. One of the major challenges expressed by the vast majority of employers throughout these interviews was that they were having trouble finding qualified workers. Over 60% of the construction and manufacturing sector businesses are anticipated to expand in the next 18 months, with many anticipating hiring 2-5 additional employees. According to Neil Carbone, Director of Community Development, “the future is bright for the County, but we need to be taking advantage of these opportunities and proactively address our challenges – including workforce development.”
Ryerson’s Magnet initiative was developed in early 2014 to bridge the gap between post-secondary recruitment and the ability of students to match their skills to real labour market needs. Magnet’s job-matching technology was tailored to effectively communicate student’s experiences, accomplishments, skills and education to potential employers. Magnet now serves all Canadians and utilizes an advanced, blind recruitment model that can effectively and efficiently match people with opportunities aligning with their skills, preferences and talent.
In March, 2015 The Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) partnered with Magnet, allowing any municipality within Eastern Ontario access to this network at no cost. Both the job seeker and employer can apply and search for free, however employers pay $10 per connection made.
Local businesses and job seekers can create an account on The County’s Magnet site by visiting:

For questions or inquires please contact: Trevor Crowe, Community Development Coordinator, County of Prince Edward, 613.476.2148 ext. 2504, or

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For startups or businesses looking to expand or re-locate to The County, you can fill out this Business Inquiry Questionnaire, and the Community Development Department will respond in 48 hours.

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