countylogoThe County is always looking for new and interesting stories to share with the world. It’s always inspiring to hear from those who have chosen to call Prince Edward County their home! Maybe you have a 5 year plan to eventually make the move to The County? If so, we still want to hear from you!

  • How did you discover and fall in love with The County?
  • What were the deciding factors in deciding to move here?
  • If you grew up here, what made you stay?
  • What suggestions or tips would you give to those thinking of moving here?

We will be reviewing stories and posting those that we feel exemplify what The County is all about. We will reach out to you first to ensure you are comfortable sharing your story.

Your story will NOT appear public unless we contact you for permission.

Any questions or issues, feel free to email

Thank you for sharing your story! The CDD Team.

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