Podcast Series: 9 episodes with 9 County Business Owners

Over the past 6 months, The Community Development Department has been working with Toronto-based podcast host Kelsey Reidl, to highlight some of our most visionary entrepreneurs who are building their life and business in Prince Edward County. Here is the full story of how this series came to be and a link to all of the incredible episodes!

About The Show

Visionary Life is an online community, featuring a weekly podcast, that was created in 2016 by Kelsey Reidl to inspire people to live and lead their own most visionary life by finding a career path that they truly love, while taking care of their health and wellbeing at the same time.

The movement began after Kelsey recognized that so many of her peers were living a life on others peoples terms, rather than their own. They worked jobs they disliked, they were unhappy with their living situation, their health was suffering due to their unhappiness, and they didn’t feel inspired each day to live their best life.

To help inspire and motivate people looking for a change in their life or in their career path, Kelsey shares a weekly podcast episode of Visionary Life with either an interview or conversation that shares the journey of starting a business, from idea to daily operations, as well as the highs, the lows and the messy middle that all business owners navigate!  

How it Began

After meeting and interviewing the visionary women who opened The June Motel in Picton, Kelsey booked a trip to The County in order to explore other business owners who were making a living and a life in PEC. What she found was beyond what she could have imagined: a group of driven, imaginative, creative, hard-working, life-loving business owners. All of them with a story to share of how they settled on The County to build their life and their businesses. What unfolded after this first trip was a series of 9 episodes with 9 County Business Owners.

All of the conversations have been recorded and they are available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and at www.kelseyreidl.com/podcast for you to listen to and be inspired by!

Kelsey chats with variety of county business owners from your local coffee shop founder, to brewery owners, to the visionary leader of a powerhouse media company, and a young vintage clothing shop owner!

Each interview is packed with questions and conversations around:

  • Their journey leading up to launching their business (& what they were doing before!)
  • The challenges and obstacles that they encountered and overcome, and where they are today
  • Why the love and adore the entrepreneurial energy of The County
  • Their plans for future growth
  • Their top tips for success & productivity

And so much more!

Be sure to let us know which interview is your favourite.

1. The June Motel Power Duo Sarah Sklash & April Brown

Episode 014 The June Motel Power Duo, Sarah Sklash & April Brown, talk about converting a mid-century motor lodge into a boutique motel!

2. Parson’s Brewery Co-Founder Samantha Parsons

Episode 019 Parson’s Brewery Co-Founder, Samantha Parsons, chats about creating a community hub and brewery with her husband.

3. The Parlour Studio founder Jessica Acs

Episode 020 The Parlour Studio founder, Jessica Acs, talks about how she launched her studio which is a destination for all things Living Arts, Plants, Ceramics, & Botanical Styling.

4. The Vic Cafe Co-Founder Sonya Szabo

Episode 021 The Vic Cafe Co-Founder, Sonya Szabo, shares what it’s like to run a coffee shop and fresh cafe in downtown Picton.

5. Sunday’s Company Founder Melissa Condotta

Episode 022 Sunday’s Company Founder, Melissa Condotta, shares all about her Business Selling Handmade Botanical Creations

6. Kick Ass Media Founder Chris Crawford

Episode 029 Kick Ass Media Founder, Chris Crawford, shares all about his business that does printing and creates displays for marketing campaigns and experiential events all over Canada and the U.S.

7. Apple Falls Cider Co-Founder Amelia Campbell

Episode 032 Apple Falls Cider Co-Founder, Amelia Campbell (& her dad Colin, founder of Campbell’s Orchards) shares her journey from childhood to adulthood, working on the orchard and now owning a cidery.

8. Coriander Girl Founder Alison Westlake

Episode 033 Coriander Girl Founder, Alison Westlake, talks all about her modern flower shop with locations in Toronto and PEC.

9. City Revival Owner Carolyn Gummo

Episode  036 City Revival Owner, Carolyn Gummo, shares her journey of taking over her aunts vintage clothing shop called City Revival.

Don’t forget to shout out the host of Visionary Life @kelseyreidl on Instagram. In addition, if you love the episodes be sure to visit the businesses featured, and let them know that the podcast sent you.

If you have questions or want to contact us, head to www.kelseyreidl.com

Listen on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and at www.kelseyreidl.com/podcast

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