Media Launch

For Release: July 26th, 2016
Press Release – ‘Build a New Life’ Campaign

The County’s Community Development Department is excited to announce the launch of a new and innovative resident and investment attraction campaign. The “Build a New Life” campaign includes a website, social media, blog posts about local business success stories, organic search results and other marketing materials to attract and identify individuals/families and/or businesses that are considering The County for their new home.
“All new residents, entrepreneurs or businesses in The County start off with a single visit,” says Neil Carbone, Director of Community Development, The County. “By sharing business success stories and highlighting the opportunities that The County affords, the new campaign is generating considerable interest on the web and social media and this is translating into high-quality leads for new business and residents in The County.”
Historically, rural communities across Ontario have faced significant challenges when it comes to encouraging and sustaining economic growth and resident attraction. However, The County is in a unique position to foster and grow an already burgeoning rural creative business community.
With a soft-launch of the campaign in May of this year, ‘Build a New Life’ has already reached over 60,000 people, attracting over 14,000 visits to the website and over 150 sign-ups for the Community Development Department e-newsletter and other information.
“The innovative part of this campaign is its ability to generate real leads and quantifiable results,” said Neil Carbone. “We no longer have to wonder about the impact of our marketing; it allows us to connect directly with prospective residents and businesses and begin building a relationship with them. Through that dialogue we might connect them with a realtor, refer them to financing or business support, or assist them with their new development if deemed appropriate. These are leads that we wouldn’t otherwise have been aware of.”
The campaign is off to a strong start in part because it engages the existing business community, sharing their experiences and rallying around their successes while also providing them with tools to promote The County. Locals are some of The County’s most vocal advocates, promoting this community to friends’, family and colleagues outside our region.
“These stories are a great tool for unofficial ambassadors to promote The County to new residents, businesses and entrepreneurs”, said Bill Roberts, Chair of the Community & Economic Development Commission. “We are truly privileged to have so many creative, hard-working and successful advocates for The County. Their contribution to this campaign will certainly inspire locals and newcomers alike about the potential for success here.”
“A campaign that recognizes the business community, builds interest through real stories and experiences, and allows us to track and follow up on that interest, certainly puts us at the forefront of innovation in rural economic development in Ontario,” said Mayor Robert Quaiff.
An official launch of the campaign and recognition of the many County businesses that have participated to-date was held on Tuesday July 26th, at 4:30pm at The Regent Theatre. New campaign videos premiered on the big screen, preceded by a brief presentation about the new website and overall strategy.

For questions or inquiries, please contact Trevor Crowe, Community Development Coordinator, 613.476.2148 ext: 2504