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Nicole Coltman is owner of KC Closet, a small and stylish fashion boutique located at 106 Main Street, Bloomfield. Wait… Isn’t that Flame & Smith’s address? Yes it is. Nicole shares the architecturally elegant space with that high end restaurant and the long established Glow Hair Designs. She told us: “Before I got this space I would do pop-up shops all around Ontario and the Wellington Market on Saturday’s  in the summer, but I was always looking for a place to call my own. I had to find a location that worked for me. I was eager to get into Bloomfield, and I’m delighted it all worked out. I’ve always loved Bloomfield! To me it was THE shopping destination in The County. It’s where people come just to shop. It’s perfect for me and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I’m asked if it’s a negative being outside the commercial core, like the “downtown” of Bloomfield, but I say I’ve got a big advantage being next door to an amazing restaurant. I stay open a little later some nights to catch the Flame & Smith crowd. When they park in the back and walk up, they pass by and can easily drop in. A lot of people take a peek and come back to see me the next day. When I was looking a permanent spot, the Community Development Department connected me to Ian’s property. It looked great online but I worried it was too small. When I came to see it, I saw it would be perfect! Best of all there was no work to do on it, I wouldn’t have to spend time on renovations, I could start right away. I just did finishing touches to get my own décor.

THE CLOTHING: Right now I carry women’s clothing and accessories but I want to eventually expand into children’s and maybe even men’s down the road. After my first summer here, I was quick to discover the importance of catering to many ages groups. This summer showed me a new target market. In my buying for next year I’ll be working with five new lines. Some cater to the mature market, I found a terrific plus size line and I will be bringing in a linen line from Italy too.  I also had several inquires about Children’s Clothing. I love children’s clothing, myself, and there are not many places around here that carry it. I want to bring in good Canadian-made children’s clothing, made with natural fabrics and I’m in talks right now with a company out of Vancouver. Business has been good here.

THE SHOPPERS: KC Closet will always run as a “ Boutique Style Store”. More and more people are preferring to shop in a boutique setting. Finding clothing you are unable to find at a local mall, or in fast fashion online stores. There are some lovely boutiques in The County now, a few in Picton, and Wellingston! The County is becoming a shopping destination for Tourist and for locals too! I am thrilled to have open when I did in the summer. I do have an online store that I will be focusing more on in the fall/winter.  My fall/ holiday look book shoots next week, from there the images will be uploaded to my site and the online store will reopen! I love mixing the photoshoots up with ages, sizes and different looks. I mainly use Mode Elle Models, I have had the privilege of working for Mode Elle for the last 9 years. I am very fortunate to be able to pursue both of my passions, I truly love going to work everyday!

Yes, the suppliers allow you to use their stock photography. However, I love planning and designing my own photoshoots, and making the photos geared toward my style and a county feel. The photos are then used for different social media platforms and for my website. It’s very powerful and effective marketing. I’m amazed at how many people come to the store after finding me on Instagram or Facebook.  I will also be focusing on a Pinterest page showing different ways to wear outfits, and a blog of my own. Summer has been great! I had an awesome  mix of local shoppers and tourists. I now have several local women who come back regularly. They like to drop in every week to see what’s new.  I love getting to know and help style the locals too!  There is a real sense of a community in The County and I am very fortunate to have the opportunity of opening a store in Bloomfield, especially in honour of my Mother. Her name was Karen Coltman; this is where KC comes from. My mom always knew I wanted to open a store of my own one day and I am so lucky to do so in her name.

FUTURE PLANS: As well as expanding into children’s clothing and maybe eventually men’s, too, I’d love to do  different events. Do some fun fashion events, an annual charity event/clothing drive. I love the experiential stuff, especially around Christmas time. Women love getting out and going to different events and gatherings. I love networking and I am really eager to work with a charity and give back to the community. Thank you everyone for all of your support and help making my dreams come true.  I look forward to what the future brings.

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