Living in Belleville…Working in The County

“I got a job in Prince Edward County and needed transit from Belleville to The County” notes Sharika.

“I was looking online for a means of travel from Belleville to Prince Edward County and one of the options was County Transit. So, I called them and they asked me about my office hours and booked me for the appropriate times. The booking was super easy and the price was affordable.

I used the on-demand service for a few months before transitioning to the regular public service using County Transit. The transition was smooth.

The County Transit experience is awesome and the drivers are friendly and considerate. In fact, County Transit has given me the best experience ever in using a public transit.”

                                                                                    ~ Sharika

County Transit is for Everyone! Call to book your ride today.

                                                      PHONE:         1-613-392-9640
                                                      TOLL FREE: 1-855-283-9640