H.E.A.T. Helping Employers Acquire Talent

Calling all employers in the hospitality and tourism sector in PEC!

Are you struggling to find and/or retain staff? Are you willing to advise us on curriculum or take on a trainee, fully supported by a job coach?
Career Edge, in collaboration with the County Workforce Partnership are Helping Employers Acquire Talent with our new program HEAT!

About the H.E.A.T. Program:


  • Be part of the advisory committee- provide input and feedback on programming and curriculum; help problem solve new program
  • Refer applicants and incumbent staff for training
  • Host experiential training sessions on site
  • Be guest speakers and trainers
  • Take on trainees and work with a job coach to make the most of the placement (the aim being to keep them as staff after the training period)
  • We will need a commitment to take on trainees, as well as endorsement of the training
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of trainees; even if you can only commit to take on one, it will make a difference


  • Be licensed to operate in Ontario
  • Comply with all applicable legislation, including federal/provincial human rights legislation, regulations, and any other relevant standards, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Employment Standards Act, freedom of information and protection of privacy legislation
  • Have identified job vacancies or advancement opportunities in Ontario consistent with the workforce development needs of the sector
  • Provide training placements in Ontario
  • Maintain appropriate WSIB or alternate workplace safety insurance coverage and have adequate third party general liability insurance as advised by its insurance broker
  • Place the participant on payroll and provide the same terms conditions and benefits as are provided to regular employees during the placement
  • NOT hire his or her immediate family members, such as parent, spouse, sibling or child as a trainee;
  • NOT be receiving government funds from any other source for the same participant;
  • NOT use placement services to replace existing or laid-off employees
  • NOT be an EO Employment Ontario service provider


  • Bespoke training individualized for the sector
  • Flexible training, unlike our existing programs with set guidelines and rules, this is a pilot, if we try something and it doesn’t work or needs to be tweaked we can change it (within reason), we will learn as much from what doesn’t work as from what does, but we need employers to tell us what worked for them
  • Ready to work staff requiring less training time
  • One on one job coaching for both employer and trainee
  • Can help offset the cost related to lost productivity – ie if you pay staff to attend leadership training we can assist with that cost or if you assign a mentor to the trainee we can assist with the cost of the mentor’s wages
  • Can assist new staff with cost of uniforms, safety equipment, transportation, temporary childcare etc … these all help with retention
  • Can assist with succession planning and “future proofing” by training existing “all star” staff in leadership/mentorship taking the training and onboarding burden off of managers/owners
  • Job Coach can help advise on HR policies and procedures, can provide resources for WSIB and ESA concerns, can help resolve and mediate conflicts and problems in order to avoid quitting or termination
  • Ongoing support when the placement is done, we want to be a part of your planning for success, we want to help sector employers who are largely small to medium owner operated businesses bridge the gap – you have the vision, we help you plan how to hire, train and retain employees as needed


  • Be referred by a community partner like PELC, CLPE or PELASS
  • Contact Career Edge and speak with an Employment Counsellor
  • Be an existing employee that has aptitude and interest in advancement in the sector
  • Speak to local sector employers involved in the project


  • Be unemployed, working less than 20 hours, precariously employed or employed with a low household income (as defined by the Low Income Cut-Off) OR
  • Be an employee of a participating employer who is facing barriers to advancement or job retention
  • NOT be participating in full-time training, education or any other government training intervention that covers the same type of training or costs
  • Be a resident of Ontario and legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • For current employees of participating employers NOT be in senior management or executive positions or have a controlling interest in the business
  • Have an interest in the Hospitality and Tourism sector


  • 2 weeks training including workplace essentials as well as certificates in Service Excellence, Smart Serve and Safe Food Handlers
  • Tours of local employers and tourist attractions in the County
  • PEC specific Tourism Ambassador training
  • Guest speakers and trainers who will inspire participants and demonstrate the career pathways that exist in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Interview skills and “barrier busting” help with support to obtain necessities for the field like appropriate clothing, help with temporary child care costs, criminal record and driver’s abstract checks, transportation costs
  • Job Coaching before, during and after placement to help retain the job
  • For current employees leadership and train-the- trainer training to offer a chance for advancement in the sector
  • Career pathway planning and skills development beyond the placement

With your help, we can create a skilled, motivated and successful workforce for the hospitality and tourism sector in Prince Edward County.
To learn more about this program and how you can get involved, please contact countyworkforcepartnership@gmail.com or call 613-476-2421