County Workforce Partnership

Press Release on behalf of the PEC Chamber of Commerce:

In late July 2017, The Prince Edward Learning Centre, PEC Chamber of Commerce, Career Edge, Community Development Dept. and Loyalist College Training & Knowledge Centre applied for a Sector Planning Partnership Grant.

The Chamber is pleased to announce that we were successful in our application and are already immersed in our project to research the labour market in Prince Edward County.

As a result of this successful research grant, the 5 aforementioned organizations have formed the County Workforce Partnership (CWP), which will become a standing committee of the PEC Chamber of Commerce. The CWP must research the sector that is considered the largest economic driver in Prince Edward County, the CWP decided the links between agriculture and tourism (two largest sectors) in PEC are too great to choose one over the other, so we chose both. The CWP will now undertake funded research in order to:

• Understand labour market issues in the agri-food / tourism sector faced by both employers and employees in Prince Edward County
• Understand barriers which may hinder solutions to the issues identified
• Seek creative solutions to respond to labour market and training needs
• Ensure our strategy targets non-traditional labour sources and lower-middle skilled and / or marginalized unemployed job seekers.

We see this as a unique and exciting opportunity to think broadly and inclusively about our labour market
The CWP will use labour market data which has already been collected via forums, surveys and workshops, as well as regional statistics, and actively collect local data where gaps exist.
This research will culminate in a ½ day workshop for local businesses and partners where we will present our research findings. This workshop will be a celebration of what is already working as well as the start of new strategies and program ideas which will address the issues employers and employees are currently facing.
It is our intention to continue the County Workforce Partnership beyond this single research project by addressing other sectors facing labour market issues.
With the help of 2 contracted researchers, the CWP will be contacting PEC businesses and partners to begin to dig deeper into our labour market issues. We are very aware that many businesses in Prince Edward County have already attended forums, workshops and seminars regarding the struggles they’re facing as employers / partners. We will be using the information they have already provided and will contact them only to dig deeper, should we need to, as we start to formulate strategies for creating solutions.
We ask for the continued support of our County businesses in our efforts to make sure that everyone who is able to work in Prince Edward County has the opportunity to do so, and that these employees are trained, engaged, and can stay the course.
Media contact: Emily Cowan,, t 613-476-2421, c 613-885-2299