Rural Renaissance CBC Story : Urban Exodus of Young Artists to The County

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the recent CBC Arts online interview with four artist couples who have moved to Prince Edward County. As an insufferable old Baby Boomer who has to weigh in on everything that comes within a block of my life (and here in The County that’s pretty much everything if you keep your eyes open) I’d say I couldn’t have said it better myself – and I’m paid to think and talk and write about this place.

I’m really interested in hearing honest accounts and personal experiences from people who have taken that leap of faith and moved to The County. And this piece is a particularly good one. It doesn’t shy away from the challenges but will probably make even MORE people want to give it a try. My advice? Go for it.

I’ve spent almost 20 years singing the praises of The County, first to friends in the City: “SUCH a lovely place. Not far away. Reminds me of England. More open than cottage country. I WANT TO LIVE THERE.” Later, when I moved here (lucky me ) I shared more publicly – promoting the place – writing about the revitalization of its economy, the new wave of weekenders, the birth of the wineries – the whole County enchilada.

When my husband Graham and I moved our freelance selves to the County we were not so much a “creative young couple” – more a middle-aged and wildly optimistic one. “In your dreams,” people said to us. But it worked. We’re still here and loving it. So I found myself nodding, smiling and almost cheering for Tess and Ryan, Krista and Milé, Kate and Johnny and Miel and D’Ari – the eight young people (everybody looks young to a Baby Boomer) interviewed by CBC Arts Beta. Believe them, folks, for what they say is true. -Jan Davies.

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