Clean Therapy – The gift of time


When Adelle Johnson started her company Clean Therapy in 2012 she expected to work hard and give good service. She didn’t expect to employ 15 people but that’s what happened. Amanda Campbell is one of them.

“I heard about the job from a friend and went for an interview on a Tuesday and started work the next day! I enjoy the work, I get to see some fabulous houses, I meet nice people and work with great people. It’s fun and it’s flexible – which is great for me because I have two kids. Adelle says it was always busy Spring to Thanksgiving, but this year we’ve cleaned vacation homes all year round and had six cleaners working over the winter. We had 15 cleaners last summer, 18 at one point, and we might end up doubling that number this year.”

“I help Adelle do the schedules. We take everybody’s personal commitments into account and we have an app on our website where staff can trade shifts and request time off, so we can work that in. Adelle is serious about offering flexibility because she knows people have other stuff to take care of, and she knows it’s part of the appeal of this job. This year Clean Therapy will offer incentives for a bit of fun and morale boosting. Clients can fill in a survey to rate the cleaning with one to five stars and make comments, too. At the end of the month there will be rewards like movie passes, hotel night stays, Tim Hortons cards. Employee benefits are on the horizon, too, as soon as the company can offer them.”

“When Adelle started the business she did all the cleaning alone. That must have been hard. These days we clean in pairs. It’s just more enjoyable and it’s safer, and some of the houses are really big and would take one person forever. We do a lot of AirBnB places, but we also do private homes and there is a lot of satisfaction in that, especially for seniors and people who physically can’t do the work.”

“Demand for cleaning services is huge in Prince Edward County, because it’s so popular for vacation properties but also because there is an aging population. Clean Therapy is growing fast and they are doing a lot of customer service training with Integrity Corporate Solutions. 

“We are recruiting like mad through Career Edge and job fairs and online for Cleaning Technicians, which is what we call ourselves. You don’t need experience because Clean Therapy trains you really well. You don’t need a car because you can go out with someone who has one, just as long as you can get to work under your own steam. A lot of people carpool. We’ll be rehiring people who worked for us last summer and looking for a lot more. Many of our cleaners are parents because of the flexible hours, but we hire students, too. It’s all ages, really. What Adelle looks for is a good attitude and an upbeat personality. You need to send a resume and it’s even better if you send a cover letter saying why you’re interested in the job. Of course you need a CPIC (criminal record check) because we’re working in people’s homes.”

“I really do enjoy it. I help Adelle with bookkeeping sometimes, too, and there will be positions other than cleaning as the company grows. But cleaning is good work. It’s physically demanding and it can be really busy when two or three places need to be done in one day, but it’s a challenge and it can be fun. We go in, put the hammer down, get it done, make it sparkle and then go on to the next one.  Clients really appreciate our work. We have staff barbecues in the summer and last year one of the clients who runs a wakeboarding school hosted us on the beach and gave us rides on the tubes. Adelle likes to say we give clients the gift of time, whether it’s to spend with their family or to do their other work. That’s kind of what Clean Therapy sells. The gift of time.”

Available Jobs

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April 11th, 2018, 10am-2pm

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