Business Retention & Expansion Initiative Underway

The municipality is taking another step towards understanding the opportunities and challenges faced by The County’s construction and manufacturing sectors. Earlier this spring, The County’s Community Development Department initiated a new business retention and expansion program (BR+E) which involves conducting confidential interviews with businesses to gather insights into their needs, challenges and opportunities for growth.

The selection of the construction sector for this first round of BR+E – which includes developers, homebuilders and trades – follows the Mayor’s recent Development Forum in late 2015 and creation of a Development Framework Subcommittee in early 2016. The manufacturing sector in The County includes a diverse range of producers including agri-food processors with labelled products, niche-manufacturers and wineries.
“BR+E programs are often conducted on a sector by sector basis, with updates to each sector taking place every few years,” said Neil Carbone, Director of Community Development for The County. “This round of interviews focuses on connecting with a large portion of the manufacturing and construction sectors, and will provide industry data specific to Prince Edward County.”
This process will not only provide critical feedback for the Development Framework process, but is also an opportunity for the Community Development Department to connect with business owners in person and to help address any urgent matters they might be facing.
“I want to encourage our local manufacturing and construction sectors to partake in this vital initiative,” said Mayor Robert Quaiff. “We recognize that industry feedback is a critical step towards achieving Council’s priority of improving our current development policies and procedures and supporting our growing manufactures.”
Community Development staff have conducted over 35 interviews to date and will continue the process into the summer. A summary report for each sector will be generated towards the end of the year once interviews have been completed.

For more information or to request an interview, please contact: Trevor Crowe, Community Development Coordinator at 613.476.2148 x 2504