Available Funding

It can be difficult to navigate available funding opportunities when looking to start or expand a business. Fortunately, businesses within The County have a wealth of resources available to take advantage of from various supporting organizations. It’s important to note that the Community Development Department does not administer these programs or funds. Below, is a simple resource to help you get started.

5 Tips to Consider for Funding Applications:

Is the program still running?
Typically, programs have an eligibility window. First, determine if the program is still open for applications by checking the website or call the administering organization to determine if they are accepting applications. Often you may find these organizations like to meet in person or discuss your needs first.  They will determine if the program is a good fit for your business needs. Expect to be asked for a business plan in writing!

What funding is available for my business sector or age?

Below is a list of funding and grant opportunities that are categorized in way that can help you start or expand your business within Prince Edward County. These government programs are administered through various organizations outside of the municipality. The CDD can help you navigate the sometimes difficult and confusing funding landscape. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your business needs.