Local Government

Enabling Business Growth and Development!

Development Services Group

The group is responsible for delivery of planning, building, and engineering services that impact the prosperity and liveability of the municipality. These services are provided by a professional team of land use planners, building code officials, engineers and support staff. The group provides professional land use planning advice and assistance, and prepares and maintains all land use planning policies/ plans. In addition, they implement these policies through timely development review ensuring public and stakeholder involvement. Beyond land use planning the group also issues permits, reviews building plans and conducts on-site inspections while also administering the Ontario Livestock Compensation Program.

Community Development Department

The department works in collaboration with the Development Services Group, other municipal departments and numerous other community partners to create the positive conditions that enable business growth and development.

The Development Services Group and the Community Development Department work in concert with one another to provide investors and the public, a one-window approach to access municipal services relating to economic and community development.