Rural Economy at its Best!

Our increasingly diversified local economy is largely characterized by small companies and enterprises that employ fewer than 10 people. In 2012, excluding the businesses consisting of the self-employed, themselves small enterprises, there were over 470 businesses in The County that employ 1-4 people. In addition, a further 163 businesses that employ 5-9 people, almost 70% of all businesses.
The County is now home to over 100 professional, knowledge-based service firms with over 80% located in Picton.
The community recognizes the importance of small and medium size businesses to the local economy. We work together with regional, provincial and national partners to support the growth of professional service firms and knowledge-based businesses. One example is the recent improvement to local broadband infrastructure.

Local Labour Market

Professional services, agriculture and tourism all figure prominently in the area, with innovative light manufacturing, information technology and food processing businesses growing in both economic and employment significance. The growth of viticulture and the wine producing industry, exponential interest in the local food movement and the development of a strong and growing agri-tourism sector has made Prince Edward County a primary tourism destination now and for years to come.

Local Labour Force Key Indicators

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For startups or businesses looking to expand or re-locate to The County, you can fill out this Business Inquiry Questionnaire, and the Community Development Department will respond in 48 hours.

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