About the County

There is something special about Prince Edward County that you can’t quite put your finger on. Our progressively-traditional roots and rustic-contemporary vibe come together to create a unique and undeniable charm that often boils down to simply being ‘accidentally awesome’. Whether you’re into food, wine, the great outdoors, the beach, art, music, theatre, artisan products, camping or just a relaxing getaway, The County -as it is lovingly referred to- has something for everyone. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, The County is a short drive and easy getaway from the hustle and bustle of Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal. We embrace local and we take an immense amount of pride in the fruits of our labour, whether it’s a glass of local wine, a farm-to-table culinary experience, artistic creations or technological innovations.

Our Top Five Strategic Advantages

  • Quality of Life

    Opportunity to live an authentic life in a rural setting with many of the modern conveniences afforded to people living in urban centres.

  • Location

    Centrally located in Eastern Ontario close to the major markets of Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa and Kingston.

  • Education / Training

    Access a broad range of educational facilities and opportunities combined with a well-educated work force.

  • Great Business Environment

    A wide variety of business support organizations are available to assist all types of businesses at any stage.

  • Growing Brand

    Significant brand awareness regionally, nationally and internationally as The County has been acknowledged as a top destination by Maclean’s, Condé Nast, The Globe & Mail and Travel and Leisure magazine.

What’s Outside Our Back Door

  • Ontario’s fastest growing viticulture region with 40+ wineries, vineyards and growing craft beverage scene to include beer, cider, mead and distilled liquor.

  • Home of the Upper Canada Equity Fund and Innovation Centre – Canada’s largest start up/venture capital initiative set within a burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Thriving tourism industry with over 650,000 visitors annually resulting in $115.3 million in spending putting The County on a growth curve.

  • • Home of Sandbanks Provincial Park, one of the top sites within all Ontario Provincial Parks and one part of the 800km of Lake Ontario shoreline.