2017 Business Retention & Expansion Study

The Community Development Department recently completed a 2017 Business Retention and Expansion Study for the Professional and Healthcare Services sectors. The Full report PDF can be found HERE.


Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E) study/survey programs are often conducted on a sector by sector basis, with updates to each sector taking place every few years. The process involves conducting confidential interviews with businesses to gather insights into their needs, challenges and opportunities for growth. In Prince Edward County, this focused on connecting with a large portion of specific sectors in our community.
In 2016 a BR+E study/survey was conducted for the manufacturing and construction sectors in an effort to better understand the challenges and opportunities facing those sectors. Over 60 businesses were interviewed. These in-person surveys provided overview information about each business, future business plans, challenges with doing business in the community and workforce insight. The results from the 2016 BR+E served as an important resource in developing future Community Development priorities and work plans. It also provided a natural outreach opportunity to the business community to determine any immediate business needs that were potentially impeding business growth.