Current Workshops

Introductory – November 14, 2017
Market Research – November 21, 2017
Intermediate – November 28, 2017
Advanced – December 5, 2017

Winter Survival Workshops

“Helping Small Business Stay Competitive”

The winter provides a much needed rest from the active spring, summer and fall seasons here in Prince Edward County.  Whether you’re in the tourism sector, construction, landscaping or agribusiness, owners and operators are always looking forward to the following season!

It’s part of the entrepreneurial spirit.

This winter down time, while very short, still provides a chance for business owners and operators to reflect on the previous busy season.  Winter provides a chance to plan and strategize for future growth opportunities. It’s during this time that these owners and operators appreciate the creation of the Winter Survival Workshops to foster and motivate fresh ideas and opportunities to expand business growth.

The County’s Winter Survival Workshops deliver important and relevant training and education to small businesses in Prince Edward County to help them stay competitive.

Business operators can find workshops that provide valuable information, such as the adopting the use technology, opportunities to remain competitive, maximizing the tourist season or ensuring a financially sustainable transition into retirement or the sale of a business.

The Winter Survival Workshops are administered by The Community Development Department in partnership with The Small Business Centre, Prince Edward/Lennox & Addington Community Futures Development Corporation (PELA CFDC) and the Prince Edward County Chamber of Tourism and Commerce. These partnering organizations identify relevant topics through data compiled by partners as well as agency meetings and client feedback.

Workshops are then created to contribute to business knowledge, transformation, performance and growth.

The Workshops usually begin in October and finish in early spring. Please sign up to our Workshops newsletter to be notified of the next available workshops. (form embed from Hatchbuck)

Examples of Valuable Workshops Provided to Small Business:

Valuing a Business for Sale and Succession Planning
Health & Safety
Harnessing Technology
Employment Standards Act
Selling Food in Ontario
Photography and Design
Sole Proprietorship &  Partnership vs. Incorporation
Easy Design Tools
Ways to Drive Effective Sales
Managing Your Inventory – Quickbooks
Quickbooks 1 & 2
Is Small Business Right for you?
Welcoming Quebec Visitors to Your Business
How to Set Up a Word Press Website
Personal Selling
Introductory and Intermediate MS EXCEL
Pricing Your Product for Success