Welcoming Quebec Visitors to Your Business

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
9am to 11:30 am –
Picton Town Hall, 2 Ross Street, Picton

No-Charge to attend. Seating is limited to 20.
Register with
Sandy Abbott, Small Business Centre
abbott.agency@sympatico.ca / 613.476.4240


WHO should attend?


  • Does your business notice a large influx of French speaking visitors during your busiest time of year?


WHY should you attend?


  • In summer it’s estimated that as many as 50% of the visitors to the County speak French as a first language.


  • Visitors from Quebec rate being greeted and served in French, as well as having bilingual information available, as very important to their experience.


  • In this seminar, we will discuss little changes that will make your business more welcoming, ensuring repeat customers


  • Learn strategies to maximize results with as little investment as possible. Customer service can be fun and profitable!

WHAT you will learn


  • Share your experiences to date and learn about the customer service expectations of this group.


  • Greetings and simple phrases that will make your customer feel welcome


  • The importance of signage and other easy ways to get your message across


  • Leave with quick and inexpensive tips for a more francophone friendly business this year!



Paule Marchand lived in Montreal where she worked as an executive in medical research, investment and manufacturing over a 35 year career.

Now living in the Bay of Quinte, Paule brings an understanding and appreciation for the differences between our two founding cultures.

She will share valuable insights into the social customs and customer preferences of our Quebec visitors.