Greenbelt Funding Now Available for Processors and Farmers

Now Available is local food grants for processors and farmers. The intent is get more local food to consumers (grocery stores, restaurants, etc and also for use in institutions such as long term care). Please share this info to our local producers and farmers. The funding is a matching to 50% of eligible costs.

The Fund delivers support to farmers and local food leaders to ensure more of the good things that grow in Ontario are being served and distributed through our public institutions, retail, and foodservice markets. Helping to overcome challenges and support economic growth, the Fund’s goal is to create systemic change to permanently increase the amount of local food consumed in the province through grants, education, policy, and networking initiatives.

(Please note, the Community Development Department does not administer these programs or funds. Please click on the links below for additional resources) 

Applying for a Grant

The Local Food Investment Fund has three streams providing financial support to farmers and local food leaders all with the common goal to increase the amount of local food consumed in Ontario.

Updated Grant Application Guidelines for each of our grant streams are now available.

Broader Public Sector Grant Stream

Market Access Grant Stream

Local Food Literacy Grant Stream

Round of Funding Last Day to Submit Inquiry Projected Start Date
Round 2 March 30, 2016 July 1, 2016
Round 3 September 12, 2016 December 15, 2016