Interested in moving to The County but need to find a job first? There are many resources available to help you in your job hunt. Below are some common links to job boards.

Before you start, here are a couple of tips:
  • Have your resume ready.
  • Keep your resume short and concise.
  • Be professional and present yourself professionally.
  • Don’t hesitate to phone or drop by county employers you would love to work for.
  • County employers are looking for enthusiasm, ambition to learn and good work ethic.
  • Just because you don’t see a job posting, doesn’t mean your dream job isn’t out there!
  • The County is a close knit, strong business community: ask around for job opportunities, news travels fast!
  • Check out HLOOM.com for over 413 Resume Templates in Word format.

Unemployed and looking for work?

Ontario Job Creation Partnerships is an employment program that provides work experience to unemployed job seekers within projects that benefit the community or local economy. At the end of their participation, participants in the program will have recent work experience and additional skills to add to their résumés, increasing their chances of successfully finding long-term employment.

Who can apply?

Job seekers who are unemployed can apply to participate if they meet one of the following conditions:

  • They established a claim for Employment Insurance benefits or their Employment Insurance benefit period ended within the past three years.
  • They established a claim for Employment Insurance maternity or parental benefits and were paid benefits within the past five years, and are re-entering the labour force after having left it to care for newborn or newly adopted children.

magnet-logo-horizontalPrince Edward County Job Board on Magnet.com

Please click Here to enter the Magnet Portal.

Magnet’s network currently includes over 80,000 job seekers, 31 universities & colleges, 7,000 employers and 170 community partners. Through this portal, employers and local job seekers have access to the service’s full benefits, both within the region and across the entire network.

Magnet was designed to bridge the gap between post-secondary recruitment and the ability of students to match their skills to real labour market needs. Magnet’s job-matching technology is tailored to effectively communicate student’s experiences, accomplishments, skills and education to potential employers. Magnet now serves all Canadians and utilizes an advanced, blind recruitment model that can effectively and efficiently match people with opportunities aligning with their skills, preferences and talent. Both the job seeker and employer can apply and search for free, however employers pay $10 per connection made.

Other Job Board Resources

Below is a list of links to other Job Boards within Prince Edward County. Please note that it’s difficult to filter search results for “Prince Edward County” as many are listed under local towns. Because of this, the links below also include Picton, Bloomfield & Wellington for location searches where appropriate.

For a more personal job search help, Career Edge can help you find a position in your field of expertise. They can work on your behalf, using their business connections (including new one’s) to make connections with employers. We encourage you to contact Career Edge (613-476-6456)  today to get started on your job hunt.

Job Resources:

Government of Canada

Picton    Bloomfield    Wellington


Prince Edward County   Picton   Bloomfield    Wellington


Workopolis Job Board (25km Radius around Picton)




Prince Edward County   Picton   Bloomfield    Wellington

wow jobs

Prince Edward County   Picton   Bloomfield    Wellington