Available Funding

It can be difficult to navigate available funding opportunities when looking to start or expand a business. Fortunately, businesses within The County have a wealth of resources available to take advantage of from various supporting organizations. It’s important to note that the Community Development Department does not administer these programs or funds. Below, is a simple resource to help you get started.

5 Tips to Consider for Funding Applications:

Is the program still running?
Typically, programs have an eligibility window. First, determine if the program is still open for applications by checking the website or call the administering organization to determine if they are accepting applications. Often you may find these organizations like to meet in person or discuss your needs first.  They will determine if the program is a good fit for your business needs. Expect to be asked for a business plan in writing!
Funding Applications
Funding usually requires you to fill out an application. Applications can usually be found online, or are only given if certain screening processes have taken place by the administering organization. Remember that an application needs to effectively, concisely and clearly convey why your business needs funding. One of the many business advisory services (below) can help you explain your needs and position your case properly, but they will not write the application for you!
How Funds are Administered
Most grants provide “matching funding” meaning you need to front 100% of the cost before being reimbursed a percentage once proof of payments such as paid invoices are submitted. Funding is never retroactive, meaning that purchases can never can be made BEFORE being awarded the funding. Please check with the administering organization.
Have a Business Plan
Many people do not have a business plan, and this is reflected in poorly written funding applications. A business plan can help you create a long term vision and growth path for your business. It also helps you identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. This is needed when making a business case in an application. Funding eligibility usually relates to business expansion plans that are outside regular operations, such as expanding into new markets or new product development that result in new employment positions. So think about your “pitch”. Also, think about how you will measure your success against your goals? Showing these that you track these numbers is a good idea in an application, and subsequent reporting once funding is received.
Use Data to Support your Business Case

Administering organizations love to see that you track business goals with numbers. This shows accountability and ensures the organization will receive the proper reporting once you receive funding. Show data that supports the market demand, or research or studies that demonstrate your business case. Show historical data on business growth, and compare that against how you intend on using the funding to increase these numbers. Ideas, passions and dreams need to be reinforced with real numbers!

What funding is available for my business sector or age?

Below is a list of funding and grant opportunities that are categorized in way that can help you start or expand your business within Prince Edward County. These government programs are administered through various organizations outside of the municipality or Community Development Department (CDD). However, the CDD can help you navigate the sometimes difficult and confusing funding landscape. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your business needs.

Special consideration is given to business startup’s through the EODP funding. Recipients must be residing in the catchment area.  That said, applications will need to be accompanied with a proper business plan. Please review the 5 Tips above.

Click the Links Below to Download EODP Applications: 

Pleas contact PELA CFDC before submitting an application.

Economic Development Initiative

If you provide programs or services in French to a Francophone community in southern Ontario, your business could qualify for a non-repayable contribution for business development activities.

Francophone or bilingual organizations located in southern Ontario could qualify for:

  • Private sector: up to $100,000, for no more than 50% of eligible costs
  • Not-for-profits: up to $1 million for no more than 66 ⅔% of eligible costs

Eligible activities include providing support for:

  • Business start-up
  • Business development
  • Export market expansion
  • Innovation and applied R&D
  • Francophone internships

Fuel Injection Program

Your advanced manufacturing or social innovation business could access support services and up to $30,000 in seed funding for growth projects.

To be eligible, your business must:

  • Be incorporated and headquartered in Southern Ontario
  • Match the financial contribution
  • Be a start-up that has generated revenues or secured investments, or has fewer than 500 employees
  • Have a high growth opportunity with the potential to address Canadian or global markets

Eligible activities include:

  • Innovating new products or services
  • Optimizing your processes
  • Making capital purchases
  • Reducing costs through energy, water or waste innovations

Futurpreneur Canada Start-Up Program

If you are between the ages of 18 and 39, you could get a loan of $15,000 to start or buy a business.

To be eligible, you will need to:

  • Create a business plan for a business that will employ you full time
  • Work with a mentor for two years
  • Own at least 51% of your business

You cannot use the funds to pay existing debts. You need to repay the loan and pay administrative fees.

If you qualify, you can also apply for an extra $30,000 through the Futurpreneur Canada-BDC Start-Up Program.


Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP)

(Administered Through OMAFRA)

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership (the Partnership) is the new five-year commitment by Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments that will support Canada’s agri-food and agri-products sectors.

Strategic initiatives including cost-share funding will support projects in the following key priority areas, with research and innovation continuing to be a focus across all programming:

The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) administers the required workshops before you can apply for CAP.

Step one: Participate in the free workshops and resources to identify what needs are within your operation. Participants will have a chance to talk to other producers and industry specialists about new ways to reach your farm business goals. Attending a workshop is a prerequisite before applying for CAP.

#1. GreenBelt Fund: Local Food Literacy Grant Stream

Areas of Focus 

There are four areas of focus, as outlined below:

  1. Consumer Awareness – Increase consumers’ awareness and understanding of local food products, when they are available, where to find them, and how to prepare them
  2. Value-chain Relationships – Encourage and strengthen value chain relationships among local food industry stakeholders to deepen understanding of the local products, how to use them, and how to promote them
  3. Local/Regional Agriculture System – Increase the awareness of what is required for a viable local agricultural system among municipal governments and other public agencies, and not-for-profit organizations
  4. Communication and Marketing – Improve farmers’ and commodity organizations’ ability to communicate the value of their products through educating retailers, wholesalers, foodservice operators’ staff, and consumers

#2. Greenbelt Fund: Market Access Grant Stream

Areas of Focus

There are three areas of focus, outlined below:

  1. Regional Aggregation and Food Hubs – Assist in the development and growth of food hubs and regional aggregators, increasing the number of farmers that have access to retail, wholesale, foodservice, and farmers markets
  2. Value Added Local Food Processing – Encourage and strengthen value chain relationships, and development and growth of products made with Ontario ingredients
  3. New and Emerging Markets – Assist with business intelligence, networking, and relationship building tools to assist new and emerging markets scale up and access multiple market channels

#3. Greenbelt Fund: Broader Public Sector Grant Stream

Areas of Focus

There are five areas of focus, as outlined below:

  1. Skills Development – Increase local food handling and preparation skills so that more institutions can create local food menus
  2. Organizational Change – Drive organizational change within institutions, distributors, and foodservice operators to make local food a priority
  3. Value Chain Collaboration – Foster value chain collaboration to enable better communication and stronger relationships between our farmers, processors, distributors and institutions
  4. Policy Change – Support changes to policies and practices that increase local food purchases and tracking by institutions
  5. Innovation and Product Development – Facilitate innovation to find and/or develop local food products that meet the particular needs of our public institutions


AgriMarketing — Market development stream

Eligible activities include those related to:

  • Market development, branding, and marketing
  • Exploratory missions, shows and trade seminars
  • Market research
  • Export capacity building
  • Technical support services and/or research that facilitates market entry

To be eligible, your organization must:

  • Be a member of the Canada Brand
  • Have a multi-year international strategy in place
  • Contribute a portion of the project costs



IRAP ARP Research Grants

(Administered Through NRC)

NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) provides financial support to qualified small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada to help them undertake technology innovation.

In order to be considered for possible IRAP funding, the basic eligibility criteria are:

  • be a small and medium-sized enterprise in Canada, incorporated and profit-oriented;
  • have 500 or fewer full-time equivalent employees; and
  • have the objective to grow and generate profits through development and commercialization of innovative, technology-driven new or improved products, services, or processes in Canada.

IRAP is administered through NRC. The potential client must contact an NRC ITA’s who will assist them with their projects. Prince Edward County region is administered by:

Nancy Stonelake
Industrial Technology Advisor
Phone: 613 471-1498
Email: nancy.stonelake@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

Both the firm and the project are assessed by IRAP.


Youth Employment Strategy

The Youth Employment Strategy is the Government of Canada’s commitment to help young Canadians (aged 15 to 30) obtain career information, develop skills, find good jobs and stay employed. Through federal departments and agencies, among others, the Youth Employment Strategy assists employers in hiring young Canadians.

This Program provides financial assistance to innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada to hire post-secondary science, engineering, technology, business and liberal arts graduates. Graduates work on innovative projects within the small and medium-sized enterprise environment and may participate in research, development and commercialization of technologies. In addition to meeting the needs of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, this Program facilitates the transition of highly skilled young people to a rapidly changing labour market.

Pela CFDC Loans

PELA CFDC provides financing up to $250,000 for new or existing businesses in Prince Edward/Lennox and Addington Counties.

Purpose of Financing

  • Start up financing for a new business
  • To purchase or renovate a building
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Equipment purchases or upgrades
  • Inventory
  • Working Capital

More Information

BDC Business Loans

Whether you’re looking to expand production, purchase new equipment or access financing for a special project, we can help you move forward with the right business loan.

More Information

Canada Small Business Financing Program

The Canada Small Business Financing Program makes it easier for small business to get loans from financial institutions by sharing the risk with lenders.

More Information

Also Check out the Canada Business Network for more financing resources.

Farm Loans:

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act program

The Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) Program is a loan guarantee program designed to increase the availability of loans to farmers and agricultural co-operatives. Farmers can use these loans to establish, improve, and develop farms, while agricultural co-operatives may also access loans to process, distribute, or market the products of farming.

More Information

Technology Business Investment

First Stone Venture Partners

(Administered Through First Stone Venture Partners)

First Stone Venture Partners has over $10M to make 25 investments in new start-ups over the next three years. This start-up assistance provides financing and mentorship to early-stage technology companies and small and medium-sized enterprises from across Ontario. If interested, fill out an application at fsvp.ca. If selected, you will be asked to make ‘your pitch’ at The PEC Innovation Centre, a creative hub for startups in Prince Edward County. 613-902-5464 fsvp.ca



You want to raise capital for your business. We can help you understand the right capitalization strategy. You are looking for funding, but you aren’t really sure the best way to approach it. Bootstrapping? Angel investment? Venture capital? Government? Private equity? Before you go out and try to raise funds, we can help you understand different capitalization strategies and help shape your pitch and message to potential investors. We have experts who have raised millions of dollars for companies at various stages of development. All funding is competitive, but there is funding available for good ideas at all stages of development from pre-revenue and research to prototype development to high growth global distribution. If you are looking for government funding, we will help you narrow your choices and recommend appropriate programs to your needs and stage of development.

Starter Company:

(Administered through The Small Business Centre)

Up to $5,000 in funding, plus the invaluable guidance of a business mentor.
Starter Company is an Ontario government program that provides young people with the resources and knowledge they need to start and grow their own business.

Could you be a Starter Company entrepreneur?
You can apply to the Starter Company program if you’re an Ontario resident aged 18 to 29 and not attending school full time. To qualify for funding of up to $5,000, you need to be able to contribute at least 25 per cent (in cash or in kind) of the grant amount.

Apply Today! Helping Ontario’s youth achieve goals of self-employment.

Need more infomation visit The Starter Company Page.

Summer Company

(Administered through The Small Business Centre)

Create your DREAM JOB and get up to $3,000 to run it! Get ready for Summer Company 2016. Applications opening in January 2016.

Summer Company helps full-time students who are 15 to 29 years of age and returning to school in the fall run their own summer businesses. It offers opportunities for enterprising students looking for a challenging summer entrepreneurial experience and provides a great way for students to take charge of their future. All you need is a great idea, a little initiative and the desire to be your own boss. Your business idea may involve setting up a recreational day camp, an organic vegetable store, a clothing design business or capitalizing on your favorite hobby. Check your eligibility and register.

Summer Company provides hands-on business training and mentoring, plus awards of up to $3,000 to help you. For eligibility details, please visit The Small Business Centre’s Summer Company Page. .

Students who qualify receive:

  • an award of up to $1,500 to help with business start-up costs and
  • a $1,500 award on successful program completion



PELA CFDC provides free business advisory services to new and existing businesses as a core element of the delivery of the Community Futures Program. This service is important to support local business development and job creation but also is a nature referral point/link to PELA CFDC’s lending activity and grant programs (EODP). Business Advisory services provided by PELA CFDC can be generally characterized into the following categories:

  • Pre-business plan and/or business startup
  • Launch ready business with business plan with some elements needing improvement
  • Existing firm currently facing challenges and in need of advice
  • Existing firm currently exploring new opportunities for growth/expansion in need of advice
  • Out of area investment attraction/ business development inquiry/expression of interest

Picton Office, 280 Main St, Suite 103, Picton, ON, K0K 2T0,
Phone: 613-476-7901 ext. 200,
Toll Free: 1-877-337-2193

Small business Centre

The Small Business Center offers free and confidential assistance to businesses during start-up, expansion, succession and closure. Our counselors provide information on a full range of topics, from business start-up to growing your business right through to succession planning. Whatever stage you’re in, the Small Business Centre can help find the resources you need. Do you need help in developing effective marketing or communication plans to launch, extend or accelerate your business? Sandy offers one to one business coaching on a variety of issues. She is available to assist with start-up information, registration, business plan development, resource networking and loan/grant application to other agencies.

Sandy Abbott
Small Business Centre
Phone: 613 476 4240 Email: sandy@smallbusinessctr.com.

Prince Edward County Community Development Department

The Development Services Group and the Community Development Department work in concert with one another to provide investors and the public, a one-window approach to access municipal services relating to economic and community development. We can help you find a location for your business, and introduce you to the resources available through our community partners.

The Community Development Department also has a broad mandate, not only leading Community Development but working with the Community Economic Development Commission to achieve Council’s High Level Strategic Priorities.

Specifically, the Community Development Department will:

-Provide input for the Corporate Strategic Plan
-Implement a one window approach for development proposals
-Use culture & heritage assets as economic drivers
-Oversee grants and applications
-Manage County real estate sales and leasing
-Provide assistance to small businesses including business retention and expansion

Community Development Department:
Phone: 613-476-2148 ext 709
Email: CDD@pecounty.on.ca

Picton BIA

If you have an existing business in Picton, or are looking to start a business in Picton, the Picton BIA can help facilitate. Lyndsay, manager of the BIA, can help answer any questions you may have.

Lyndsay Richmond, Manager, Picton Business Improvement
Phone: 613.476.7901 ext. 211
Email: lrichmond@pecounty.on.ca

IRAP Advisory Services

The trusted advisory services and technological expertise provided by our industrial technology advisors are a fundamental component of NRC’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP).

Our industrial technology advisors (ITAs) assist clients through every aspect of the innovation process, from concept to commercialization, providing technical and business advice, referrals and other innovation services as needed. As clients focus on developing their innovative ideas, our ITAs work to assemble the unique mix of expertise, information and resources needed.

Our ITAs may also establish links with resources who can assist their clients in areas such as:

  • technology and business assistance;
  • literature and patent searches;
  • referrals to other programs and services;
  • expertise searches;
  • linkages and networking to appropriate resources; and
  • strategic intelligence.

IRAP Advisory Services is administered through NRC. The potential client must contact an NRC ITA’s who will assist them with their projects. Prince Edward County region is administered by:

Nancy Stonelake
Industrial Technology Advisor
Phone: 613 471-1498
Email: nancy.stonelake@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

Launch Lab

Launch Lab is a one-stop shop for technology based startups and growing companies. We are a team of entrepreneurs, investors, ex-CEO’s, and professional analysts who are here to help your company grow and bring innovative, technology based products to the marketplace. We support tech based companies in Eastern Ontario who are in four main industries; information technology, life sciences and healthcare, cleantech, and advanced manufacturing.

You are looking for some help, and you aren’t sure where to turn. Talk to our team of business advisors. We are here to help you, as a technology entrepreneur, understand your business, commercialize your products, and grow your business. You will be guided through a structured assessment specific to your defined needs. We work with first time entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs. Some companies are startups, some are well established. We help you get to the next step in your business, and overcome obstacles common to technology based organizations.

Our advice and service, offered at no charge to qualified clients, will be customized for your venture, technology, and stage of business.

To contact Launch Lab, visit:

Eastern Ontario Development Program

(Administered Through PELA CDFC)

The Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP) advances economic development in rural eastern Ontario. Through EODP, FedDev Ontario is collaborating with Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) in eastern Ontario and the Eastern Ontario Community Futures Development Corporations Network Inc. (EOCFDC Network) to promote the growth of new and existing businesses in rural communities.


FedDev Ontario invests this funding through the EOCFDC Network and the 15 individual CFDCs located in eastern Ontario. For businesses located in Prince Edward County, funding is administered through Pela CFDC. Applications are available online HERE, however we encourage you to contact Pela CFDC to discuss your business needs and eligibility prior to applying.


Employment Creation Grant

The purpose of this category is to create employment opportunities for young people within Prince Edward and Lennox and Addington Counties by providing funding assistance to local employers who create a new position for a skilled young person. The employee will normally be a graduate with a degree, diploma or Ontario Ministry Certificate from a secondary/post-secondary institution, be under 30 years of age and hired to fill a new position. Priority will be given to private sector positions that will lead to permanent, full-time jobs.


The purpose of this category is to support either:

A)The purchase of technological capital equipment – equipment that will lead to specific improvements in productivity, revenue generation, new market access, or new product development; or

B)Projects related to the implementation of technology, focusing on training and support to ensure the full use of technology.

Maximum Application Amount: $25,000.00

If approved, PELA CFDC’s contribution will be no more than 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum of $25,000.00


This category is designed to support projects delivered by local organizations such as NFP, Municipalities and business organizations. Partnerships for project delivery are encouraged. The purpose of this category is to support community projects that will improve the business environment and will produce measurable outcomes in terms of jobs, productivity or economic diversification.

Maximum Application Amount: $25,000.00

Once an application for funding has been approved, in order to receive approved funds, you must submit project expenses that have been incurred and paid in full. EODP funding cannot be advanced to cover your initial purchases


The focus of this category is to support projects that will have a significant impact on job creation in the local economy. Investment Attraction applications should be developed in coordination with PELA CFDC staff.

Maximum Application Amount: $25,000.00 ($10,000.00 for Startups)

If approved, PELA CFDC’s contribution will be no more than 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum of $25,000.00 ($10,000.00 for startups)


The purpose of this category is to support projects that lead to the developments of new products or sale of new or existing products in new markets. Examples of eligible activities include costs related to product design, proof of concept and research & development, or marketing and promotional costs related to the development of new markets.

Maximum Application Amount: $25,000.00

If approved, PELA CFDC’s contribution will be no more than 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum of $25,000.00

The Eastern Ontario Economic Development Fund is a four year, $80 million fund designed to help businesses create new jobs, and invest in new technologies, equipment or skills training for workers. It will also support economic development projects that will attract or retain investment in Ontario-based industries and communities.

Who Qualifies?

Individual businesses – Your projects can qualify under the Business Stream. The criteria are:

  1. Your business in Eastern Ontario currently has at least 10 employees.
  2. The funding will be used for new business activity beyond what you are doing currently.
  3. The investment required to undertake the project is more than $500,000 over 5 years.
  4. The project will create 10 net new jobs over 5 years.

What is the benefit to your company?

Individual businesses can receive up to fifteen per cent (15%) of total eligible expenditures to a maximum grant of $1.5 million.

Also, up to 35% of total project costs may come from other public sector funding sources.

Examples of eligible items:

  • new technologies
  • equipment
  • skills training

What is the other stream?

Economic development offices, business associations and non-government organizations (NGO’s) can apply under the Regional/Sectoral Stream.

Projects must be valued at $100,000 or more.

Fifty per cent (50%) of the project cost could be reimbursed to a maximum grant of $1.5 million.

Regional/Sectoral Stream Criteria:

  1. Projects must be focused on economic and business development or job creation initiatives in the community/regions and must be aligned with provincial and regional priorities.
  2. The project value is more than $100,000 over 5 years.
  3. The project has private sector support.
  4. The funding will be used for activities that are new or incremental to the applicant organization or any of the partners.

How do I apply?

Applications for both streams are accepted on a continuous intake basis.

You will be notified when EODF receives your complete application and within 45 days of confirmation you will know if your project has been accepted for funding.

Where can I find more information?

Eastern Ontario Development Fund website
Phone: 1-866-909-9951
Email: eodf@ontario.ca

Collaborative Economic Development Projects (CEDP) is to help trigger investment decisions that will strengthen innovation across Eastern Ontario and kick start new economic activity. CEDP recipients receive 50% reimbursement of eligible and approved costs (Must spend over $200,000 to receive $100,000 in eligible expenses).

Please visit the website for more details.


Investing in Business Growth and Productivity

Your business could receive funding of up to $20 million to expand facilities, adopt new technologies and participate in global markets.

To qualify, your business must:

Be an established small or medium-sized business with at least 15 employees, or a not-for-profit industry association and/or economic development organization
Have the potential for international growth
Funding is available in 2 streams:

Business growth: repayable contribution for SMEs for up to 25% of eligible costs
Increasing productivity: non-repayable contribution for incorporated not-for-profits for up to 100% of eligible costs